Jaret M. Leiva 



A broker, realtor, loan officer, mortgage instructor, business owner, homeowner, rooted in Orange County CA with a proven track record for selling REO Homes.   That is what Jaret represents in Orange County for Milestone Realty. 

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You Live.

Take the next step towards owning your place on earth.

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My Commitment

Not all homes are created equal, and neither are all Realtors.  For over 15 years Jaret has been committed to helping individuals and it is this commitment that has made working with Jaret unique. 


An Orange County native, that has built his business on the back of honesty and integrity, Jaret has become the go-to realtor for many families and investors.  

Throughout the years, Jaret has developed an appreciation for mid-century homes.  Looking to make the most out of your real estate transactions? Let Jaret and Milestone be your guide.  

Jaret Leiva

How Can We Help You?

Looking to Sell & Buy

Yes we can walk and chew gum at the same time.  We know what it takes to juggle multiple transactions at the same time.  Your homes are our number one priority.

REO Expert

We make it easy.  We use the latest technology to make your transaction seamless.  Your time is valuable, and we acknowledge and respect that. Sit back and let us sell your home. 

Find Real Estate

It's what we do.  But not just any real estate, we leave that to the other Realtors. We find you a home you fall in love with.  

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Whether you have a question about a home you saw for sale, or want to make partner with us to flip homes, Milestone Realty and Jaret will help you get the most out of your investment.  If you're thinking of selling your home, have Jaret take a look at it, with his network of buyers, investors and associate realtors, he's bound to find a buyer for your asking price or sometimes more.  Go ahead, take the next step and contact us today.